Anthropactivity is about a creative meeting of musical and literary activity.


    It was some years ago, in 2007, when they met each other and discovered a shared interest in music and writing. Johannes was already involved with music more professionally and Anastasia with writing as well as editing due to her philological background.

    Over the last years they have been following a common road of creation and collaboration as much in musical, as in literary frameworks.


Johannes: all about music, writing

 Anastasia: composition, production, writing, editing


* Anthropactivity: anthropos (= άνθρωπος = human being) + activity




    By travelling at high speeds in the civilization of technocracy, without philosophical shields, we become the prey of “high” subculture. Long since lost in auras of dark colours, one's sentiments become weak, one's nature acquires artificial foundations and one's intelligence is directed. As though hypnotized, man follows his route toward becoming the anti-human being, as his very humanity vanishes and his cities lose their colour. As does life, which we have now come to indentify with mere survival.

    To be disentangled, therefore, from all of which our nature urges us to be free, by opening the road to the civilization of colours. There where philosophy has human-centric foundations, there where the colours are bright and warm our cities. There where sentiments abound and man follows his own route. There where the spirit is in a state of awakening and life means evolution.